28th of July, 2014 – Manila, Philippines- The intensity of excitement running in my veins is killing me. I cannot believe I am finally flying to the United States of America for the first time. I am scheduled to fly on that day, at 7:55 am via Delta Airlines. I’ll have a less than three-hour stop over in Tokyo-Narita for refueling before proceeding to my final destination- Seattle, Washington, USA.

I did not sleep the day before due to the preparations that I needed to finalize prior to the trip. I said to myself, I can still sleep in the plane since it will almost be half a day trip, and so I did. As early as 4am, my parents and I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1. My parents are the most supportive ever, I am thankful for their support every time I am bound to fulfill something. They dropped me off at the Airport for my morning flight.


We posed for a groupie after I checked in my bags. I’ll be gone for the next six days and I’m really stoked to see what’s in store for me in this trip. Time to go inside for boarding, but before I went inside, I saw something interesting, well I called it a sign. My closest friends, family and relatives know how I much dreamt of going to New York someday and I saw that my carrier, Delta flight 172 will be going to New York after its refueling in Narita, Japan. So I posted this on my instagram account (Anyhow, I’m still hoping it will happen real soon).

Why is the code for my dream place attached beside my next destination? NRT/JFK. Could it be?? #NYDreams #JFKorJK :)

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Few hours after, 7:00am to be exact, It’s finally time to hop into the plane. Boarding time has finally arrived.   WP_20140728_07_28_06_Pro   Delta Air was on time, left Manila at around 7:55 am and in between the next 4 hours and 25 minutes, I was asleep, though I was wide awake when they began serving our meals and snacks in between. I love airplane food, why in the world would I miss it. Haha!   WP_20140728_11_39_18_Pro   13 minutes before we officially land in Japan, excitement rushed again. So that’s when I started taking photos again. I’m lucky to be seated in the window seat because I know I’ll have a great aerial view of Narita in just a matter of few minutes. And so I did! :)   WP_20140728_11_50_54_Pro   WP_20140728_11_53_05_Pro   WP_20140728_11_53_12_ProWP_20140728_11_53_17_ProWP_20140728_11_53_22_ProWP_20140728_11_56_41_Pro   We have successfully landed in Narita Airport Terminal 1, Konnichiwa, Japan! Thank God for the safe flight.   WP_20140728_12_09_49_Pro   Let’s see, I’m headed to International Connecting Flights. I must follow the sign. It says I have to go left! :) WP_20140728_12_13_42_Pro    There you go, thanks for the ride, DL 172, you’re now headed to New York. Wish I could be on the journey, but no, I still have dreams to fulfill in Seattle. Hello Delta Air Flight 166! It says here that I’ll leave Narita at 3:55 pm. I still have time though to explore the airport before I meet my fellow MSPs who will be on board the same flight.

WP_20140728_12_28_31_Pro WP_20140728_12_34_25_Pro   WP_20140728_13_12_20_Pro   And then I saw these kawaii stuff. On the upper left photo, a pretty looking humanoid and pokemon merch on the upper right. The picture at the bottom, above this paragraph is a diorama of origami in a traditional Japanese setting. Seeing these things made me say that I really am in Japan.   WP_20140728_12_30_16_Pro (2) Because I’m a bit shy to ask somebody to take my first photo in Japan, a selfie can suffice. WP_20140728_13_19_31_Pro Hungry. Better be full for the next long flight! :)

Finally united with my fellow MSPs and Sir Gary! We’re ready for Seattle! #RoadtoSeattle #MSPSummit :) A photo posted by Gab Villanueva (@theultimatecyborg) on

After almost an hour of roaming around Narita Airport, I have finally got the chance to meet my fellow MSPs Yuka Matsubara (Japan), Mike Vivasaputil (Thailand) and Ron Kang (Singapore) with his mentor, Sir Gary (Also from Singapore). We’re now ready to board DL 166 bound for Seattle, Washington, USA! Woohoo! :)

Good bye Japan! :)

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And so it goes, finally! Sayonara Japan, we’re down to our final destination: Seattle, here we go! :)   WP_20140728_08_15_43_Pro   After nine hours in flight, we have finally reached the Washington state atmosphere. The picture above is the first photo that I have ever took in US as it is my first glimpse of the USA. I still can’t believe that it is happening that time.

Just landed! Hello Emerald City! #MSPSummit #ImagineCup2014 :) A photo posted by Gab Villanueva (@theultimatecyborg) on

Few minutes passed 9:00 am, still on the same day, 28th of July, 2014, we have successfully landed in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. We can finally say “We have arrived. Hello Emerald City!”.

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