We’re only days away from the most anticipated time of the year! At this point of time, I’m pretty sure most of you have already finalized out your holiday plans. Imagine if you have this holiday getaway wish granted by Santa Claus, where will you go? If I were to decide, I will always choose New York City as it is my favorite holiday getaway destination.

Ever since 2014, I haven’t talked about my first-time experience in New York City in my blog. That year, I was blessed to have the opportunity to set foot in the city that never sleeps, the city of my dreams. The whole experience felt so surreal that I pinch myself every time I wonder why I’m even there. As I look back today, I realized there are some things I missed out during my visit to the big apple.

The New York Subway

The New York Subway

I visited NYC in fall but time isn’t enough. Yup it felt too short. I was there from the 10th ‘til 13th of November only. With that, I wasn’t able to experience the anticipated Thanksgiving Day in NYC which is about a week or two away from the time I left.

But that’s okay, I’m still optimistic that I can still try to experience this with my relatives in Brooklyn in the near future or maybe sooner than I think. But for now, all I know is that I need to hustle hard for my plane tickets from MNL – JFK – MNL and of course, shopping funds (lol).

White Christmas in NYC is still on my bucket list. Don’t get me wrong, you may see snow in this article post but it is just generated by a computer code (lol). Due to the vacation that was cut short in the year 2014, I did not get the chance to experience the white cold New York vibe. It is truly a life goal when I finally get the chance to experience White Christmas in New York someday with my loved ones while sipping a hot coffee drink.

Watch a Concert at the MSG. Ah, the Madison Square Garden. I’ve always wanted to watch a world tour concert at the world’s most famous arena. Seeing it in real life from the outside left me in awe. Too bad I wasn’t able to go inside and catch a show during my stay back then. I just passed through the Madison Square Garden grounds after a trip from the Long Island.

Madison Square Garden, the World's Most Famous Arena

Madison Square Garden, the World’s Most Famous Arena

Pull Out an All-Nighter at Time Square. I had the chance before but then I let it go, primarily because of safety concerns. I stayed at the Brighton Beach Area in Brooklyn with my godparents back then but I insisted to go out and explore NYC during my last night in the city.

Since the Brighton Beach area is far from Manhattan, and is one of the final stops of the NYC transportation system, they warned me that it’s quite risky to go back to Manhattan alone.

It’s either be really early the next day or pull an all-nighter in Time Square, stay there ‘til the sun goes up, by the time when it’s safe to return back to Brooklyn. Since I was restless that time, I decided to rest instead to prepare for my last hurrah in NYC.

Watch a Broadway Show. Sad right? I visited the big apple without taking the chance to watch even a single Broadway Show. Next time perhaps? #fingerscrossed. But what’s even surprising is that my first experience watching a Broadway show was in Manila when the cast of Chicago went to the Philippines for a couple of shows a few months after my visit to the states.

The Quality of Captured Memories. My tech companions back then for capturing my concrete jungle memories were my old smartphone that has mid-range specs and a DSLR. Imagine the hassle of carrying bulky stuff with me while roaming around the city for taking Instagram-worthy NYC pictures.

Since I only have a mid-range smartphone with me back then, the quality of selfies that I took aren’t that good (I wander most of the time alone without the supervision of my godparents since they’re working when I stayed with them, therefore if I want to take a photo of myself, a selfie would suffice).

After a long day of wandering, there goes my most dreaded time where my DSLR’s battery goes off. Since I do not have any backup camera with me, I’m left with an option to take photos from my smartphone, which at most times blurry. How I wish I had a smartphone with nice rear and front camera quality back then.


New York Selfie from the Empire State Building, Nintendo New York and Time Square Gone Wrong

These realizations of mine have inspired me to work hard to the hopes of the possibility to return someday. But what if Santa granted my wish, to return to New York City with my family and an additional gift that best suits my ideal holiday getaway?

Nyc experience REIMAGINED WITH ? OPPO F1s ??

With ample amount of time on my next New York trip, here’s how I wanted things to happen. I’ll start by gearing up the additional gift for my ideal holiday getaway, the OPPO F1s. I’ll have it set to 100% full charge and at the same time loading up my favorite travel app (tailored fit for my New York City Experience) from the Google Play Store, Triposo (search for New York City Guide by Triposo).

Triposo is a smart travel guide on your smartphone. What I love about this app is that it’s free and also works 100% offline. It provides great algorithms crunching through millions of sites and reviews to help me get unique recommendations across 50,000 destinations around the world.

The app is personalized that I can pick sights, activities, restaurants and book them in just one app. With this app loaded on my OPPO F1s, I will never get lost in New York City (although I can still be, it depends on how I wander in the city. Lol).

Kidding aside, the OPPO F1S is a 5.5-inch Android Smartphone based on Android 5.1 (Lollipop). It has a build that’s nice to hold with a Corning Gorilla 4 screen that could withstand drops up to 2 times better than competitive glass designs. It also comes with a finely crafted finger reader that is sensitive the moment you touch it in order to get things started.

The Grand Central Terminal, New York City, USA

The Grand Central Terminal, New York City, USA

Now with that I’m all set – my app and cellular data, all good. I can now be a confident tour guide for my family as we head to the heart of the city. I also bought my Anker power bank just in case I need more smartphone power.

Starting from the Brighton Beach area somewhere in Brooklyn (not the Bruno Mars song, okay? lol), the train ride to Manhattan is approximately 55 minutes to almost past an hour. With this time, I can either do my research on the go using my OPPO F1s and learn more about what New York has in store for me.

While I’m on board, I can do multitasking by means of playing rich in graphics games from the Google Play store like the Marvel Contest of Champions while I check my work e-mails back home and easily switch to watch some YouTube browsing as I wait ‘til I reach my destination.

MARVEL Clash of Champions is available on Google Play Store

Marvel Clash of Champions is available on Google Play Store

It’s good to know that OPPO F1s has 3GB RAM which gives me that opportunity to juggle a lot of things at the same time and hold 32GB of internal storage (which is expandable up to 128GB through a memory card slot). With the smartphone’s 2500mAh battery, I know I am equipped for the day.

Worry about clients back home? Why should I? The OPPO F1S has a 4G Dual Sim slot that will let me put my local Philippine sim on roaming, allowing me to get SMS or pick up calls from the Philippines and put an extra AT&T sim so that I can also enjoy my personal cellular data with top speeds of up to 150 Mbps, which is taken care of USA’s major telco.


OPPO F1s Dual Sim + Individual SD Slot Tray

Now, the best part of the OPPO F1S is its capability to replace my own DSLR, given that it only weighs at 160g and is as heavy as a billiard ball. It’s 16-megapixel front camera for richer detail in taking my selfies (even in panorama) since I wander alone. Gone are the days when I have to settle for a low-level front camera with this smartphone. As they say, you don’t deserve anything less.

New York City is best at night. Therefore, the 13-megapixel rear camera of the OPPO F1s is really ideal for taking wonderful night shots. I’d recommend you to visit the Dumbo along Brooklyn Bridge, a must sight to see as it is breathtaking to look at most especially during night time and perfect for OPPO F1s night photo walk.

DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York City

Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York City

Of course, what is a New York visit without going to Time Square. Here’s a tip: Visit the American Eagle Outfitters in Time Square. They have this 15 seconds of fame that will allow you to be the face of AEO in Time Square for a day.

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, New York City

American Eagle Outfitters, Times Square, New York City

Just visit the store and ask the personnel how you can get your photo up in Time Square and you’re good to go. After doing this, you can now take a good photo of yourself outside using the OPPO F1s in AEO’s own Time Square billboard. Sweet, right?

Times Square, New York City, USA

Times Square, New York City, USA

After a day roaming around the big apple, I can check out the best recommendations from the Triposo app I’ve installed. As recommended, I can try out the real Halal Guys again and relive my 2014 experience (this time with my beloved parents) at W 53rd Street or Shake Shack along 8th Ave.


The Famous Shake Shack Burger Joint in NYC

While enjoying my delicious order, I can easily check out and try to book us tickets to see Broadway or upcoming shows from the Madison Square Garden, fulfilling my longtime wishes. Without any doubt the memories I’ll capture along with the entire experience will surely be epic and memorable. The best part? being able to savor each moment shared with my loved ones during the yuletide season in my dream place. That I wouldn’t ask for more.

With the overall performance of OPPO F1s as a smartphone with camera ideal for different situations, most especially for selfie or groupies, OPPO F1s is the best holiday getaway gadget that you can truly count on.

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