It was in the year 2012 when I experienced something new, something outside of my comfort zone. This was the year when I had my first international trip with my colleagues back in college. I usually travel with my parents but this time was an exception. Our destination was Hong Kong, Asia’s World City.

Travel in changing my Mindset

Touchdown, Hong Kong International Airport | Circa 2012

Touchdown, Hong Kong International Airport | Circa 2012

The memories from my trip to Hong Kong lingered for a few weeks to months. I’ve had that thirst to travel more that I have promised myself to work hard in college so that I can also travel outside of the country when I have a stable job and give back to my parents for allowing me to experience the gift of travelling. In college, I’ve had this fear of graduating without a stable job. Then came opportunities I never thought I would be able to do. 

Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong | Circa 2012

I believed in the norm where students who graduated from the big known schools will get better opportunities than the ones least known. So I challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone and join organizations that will link my college organization to the real industry.

Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong | Circa 2012

Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong | Circa 2012

That year, I discovered the Microsoft Student Partners program, a world-renowned program for college or university students. If you are one, then you have the privilege to become the ambassador of Microsoft to your institution.

And little did I know this will start my journey to endless opportunities. I became my institution’s first Microsoft Student Partner and given the privilege to visit colleges and universities throughout the country, and yes the fact of travelling outside Manila is one of the best parts of being an MSP.

Travel in boosting My Confidence & Competitiveness

Before I even entered college, I decided to get myself a notebook that will inspire me to go for my dreams. So I decided to notebook with New York design in it. Visiting NYC is in my bucket list.

1st Post

1st Instagram Post x My Outlet for Inspiration | Circa 2010

Back in 2012, I  discovered Imagine Cup, the Olympics for student innovators. I discovered that this competition will give you the opportunity to represent the Philippines in the world stage and is hosted in different countries.

I heard about the Philippine team who competed in the year 2011 and won 2nd place and guess where the world finals took place back in 2011? You guessed it, New York City. I said to myself, I will be part of the Imagine Cup history and I will strive hard before I graduate to experience how it feels to be in the World Finals stage

Due to my strong interest in wanting to travel again, the thought of it boosted my competitiveness to the point that I’ve looked for opportunities that will allow me to travel while I’m still a student.

I live in Imus, Cavite and all my life, throughout my college years, I go from Imus to Taguig back and forth while juggling the responsibilities of being an MSP. I thought of this is a challenge for myself to prepare myself for work rather than taking it in a negative way.


Bus Commute | Circa 2015

I discovered the User Experience Challenge by Imagine Cup when they launched 2014 season. I worked hard for an entry and used my commuting experience as our idea, thus we designed a mobile app called Via. We submitted our entry and never thought it will become the winning entry, first place worldwide for the User Experience Innovation Category besting ideas from different colleges and universities around the world.

Little did I know, my hard work as an MSP let me travel this time outside of the country where I was chosen to be the representative of the Philippines to the MSP Global Summit at the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, Washington which coincides at the World Finals Week of Imagine Cup 2014.


Mt. Rainier View at University of Washington, Seattle, USA | Circa 2014

Yes, you’ve read it right, I have fulfilled my dreams to be part of the Imagine Cup history and experience the World Finals right before my eyes in USA. The hard work paid off.

New York Post

The Inspiration Notebook Meets the Real Deal | Circa 2014

I also flew back to the USA later that year where I was able to visit New York City to meet Lady Liberty and with that I have an entry ticked off from my bucket list. Remember the notebook that I bought? I brought it with me too.

Travel in Changing My Life

Touchdown, Busuanga! | Circa 2016

Touchdown, Busuanga! | Circa 2016

As of this writing, I have continued my Microsoft Life as a Partner Tech Advisor evangelizing about tech to different facets of life across the country. I have also visited my 10th country and plan to visit as many countries I can throughout my lifetime.

Coron, Palawan | Circa 2016

Coron, Palawan | Circa 2016

I have discovered a lot of things in the years of traveling in different places that travel will change your mindset, you will discover that experience is better than material things, because the experience you’ll get lasts a lifetime.

Manhattan, New York City | Circa 2014

Manhattan, New York City | Circa 2014

Please travel while you’re young and able. It will give you the work-life balance that we all need so that we won’t burn out immediately. Travel will show you what life is by visiting different places and learning about different cultures. You would also know how to care and show respect other people no matter where they came from.

The Breathtaking Hoi An

The Breathtaking Hoi An | Circa 2016

The most amazing the idea of about travel is that it changes you to become a person who doesn’t only have big dreams but into someone who has the grit to make it all happen.

First International Travel with Parents (Compare with first photo above) | April 2017

First International Travel with Parents (compare with first photo above) | April 2017

Remember one of the first promises that I told myself after my first international trip? We did it already and we’re hoping for more to come.

View from the Elephant Mountain and Shilin District in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

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